Auron – Jinsoyun

  • Character: Auron of Jinsoyun
  • Submitted by: mrjack

I know everyone's obsessed with the ladies in this game but here's my Gon Soul Fighter to balance things out 🙂

The costume and wings are mods. I know the wings aren't available in the EU but I'm not sure about the costume.

If you use the preset, you should know he is quite short for a Gon. He's a little taller than the average Jin male. If you do end up using the preset, or you just like the character, please leave a comment so I know I didn't just waste my the last hour of my life 😀

Character Preset:

(If there isn’t a link, the submitter chose not to submit their preset.)


Item Name Source
Weapon Sterling Bracer Act 4 Ch.1