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  1. Akamu
    18 February 2016 @ 1922

    So this will be available in the store later this year?


  2. Houko
    18 February 2016 @ 2243

    Got lucky and got it from a RNG quest with 2 venture tokens I got from the wheel ^^


    • cricket
      19 February 2016 @ 1720

      what quest?


      • Joshua
        20 February 2016 @ 0014

        RNG boxes from dailies give you the venture tokens which give you the hongmoon points that you can buy a different RNG box with a small chance of getting it.


        • Zero
          22 February 2016 @ 2158

          It’s out? I thought it would be later that they’d release it?


          • Fhorte
            22 February 2016 @ 2230

            Already come and gone, until they put it in the store by itself, or bring back the boxes.

          • Dulfy
            22 February 2016 @ 2314

            They released it in the hongmoong store (hongmoon coins tab) via a rng chest. They said they will release it again in the ncstore for ncoins later this year.

  3. Yasu
    7 April 2016 @ 1532

    I’m still sad that I had to be away during their time. Ugh, it’s a very nice dobok.


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