Black Cap / Veil

  • Source:  Obtained from Yehara’s Mirage Encroaching Shadows daily mission (rare drop from last boss) in The Scorchlands. You can get the daily from Gunsang at the door after you have completed Act 2 Chapter 30 of the main quest. You can abandon this daily mission and keep doing it for a chance at the drop.
  • Items:
    • Head Adornment: Black Cap
    • Face Adornment: Black Veil


Full Set with Obsidian Serpent

Obsidian Serpent - Gon Female FrontObsidian Serpent - Gon Male FrontObsidian Serpent - Jin Female FrontObsidian Serpent - Jin Male FrontObsidian Serpent - Lyn Female FrontObsidian Serpent - Lyn Male FrontObsidian Serpent - Yun Front

Head Only

Black - Gon Female HeadBlack - Gon Male HeadBlack - Jin Female HeadBlack - Jin Male Head

Black - Lyn Female HeadBlack - Lyn Male HeadBlack - Yun Head

Face Only

Black - Gon Female FaceBlack - Gon Male FaceBlack - Jin Female faceBlack - Jin Male FaceBlack - Lyn Female FaceBlack - Lyn Male FaceBlack - Yun Face



Black - Gon Female FrontBlack - Gon Female BackBlack - Gon Female Side


Black - Gon Male FrontBlack - Gon Male BackBlack - Gon Male Side



Black - Jin Female FrontBlack - Jin Female BackBlack - Jin Female Side


Black - Jin Male FrontBlack - Jin Male BackBlack - Jin Male Side



Black - Lyn Female FrontBlack - Lyn Female BackBlack - Lyn Female Side


Black - Lyn Male FrontBlack - Lyn Male BackBlack - Lyn Male Side


Black - Yun FrontBlack - Yun BackBlack - Yun Side