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BNS Wheel of Fate Locations and Drops Guide

A list of Wheel of Fates in Blade and Soul and their drops.

Note: The list of weapons for each wheel of fate is not yet complete as we don’t have all the weapons on the site yet. We are working on adding them.

Viridian Coast

Stalker Jiangshi


  • Location: Everdusk – Foshi Pyres.
  • Level 6, essences drop off the Stalker Jiangshi world boss nearby.
  • Drops: Stalker Weapons required for Hongmoon Weapon Stage 5 Breakthrough, Jianghi Raiment, Jiangshi Charm, Jiangshi Headgear, and Stalker Soul Shield 3/5/8 set.
  • Cat Costumes: Bloody Jiangshi mobs nearby drops the Scaredy Cat costume, adornment, and headgear.
  • Comments: This is the first wheel of fate you will encounter. If you don’t like farming essences to get weapons for your class, you can buy them for coppers on the marketplace.

The Cinderlands

Golden Deva


  • Location: Scorching Sands – Crescent Spring
  • Level 30, essences drop off the Golden Deva world boss nearby.
  • Drops: Golden Deva weapons required for upgrading Awakened Blight weapon Stage 10 to True Blight weapon, Deva Raiment/Aura, Deva Helm, and Golden Deva Soul Shield 3/5/8 set.
  • Cat Costumes: Mobs nearby (likely the dogs) drop the Twinkitty costume, adornment, and headgear.
  • Comments: To activate the Golden Deva world boss, you need to kill the guard dogs next to him. They will drop orbs you can put in the lantern nearby to activate him.



  • Location: Just NE of Yehara’s Mirage in The Scorching Sands.
  • Level 36, essence drops off the Pinchy world boss nearby.
  • Drops: Scorpion weapons (not needed for breakthrough), Stinger costume/tail, Stinger Cloth, and Scorpion Soul Shield 3/5/8 set.
  • Cat Costumes: Mobs nearby the Pinchy area and Raptor’s Rise drops the Sandbox Kitty costume, adornment, and headgear.
  • Comments: To get Pinchy to appear from the dust of cloud he is hiding, use bombs from the crates nearby and throw it on the dust of cloud.

Moonwater Plains

Lycan the Mighty


  • Location: Lycan spawns NW of Lilystalk Tradepost in Lycandi Foothills.
  • Level 38, essence drop off Lycan the Mighty world boss nearby.
  • Drops: Lycan weapons required for breakthrough Awakened Infernal weapons Stage 5, Wolfskin Costume/tailfeather, Lycan’s Sorrow, and Lycan Soul shield 3/5/8 set.
  • Cat Costumes: Mobs near the Lycan area (typically Foothills Brawler/Incantor) drop the Heimeow costume, Shady Cat Adornment and Headgear.
  • Comments: A lot of people really like the appearance of the Lycan weapons and use them for glamour.

King Kaari


  • Location: Sapphire Basin in Moonwater Plains. Wheel is in Plogstead, world boss spawns south of it.
  • Level 40, essence drop off King Karri world boss nearby.
  • Drops: Karri weapons (not needed for breakthrough), Karri Suit, Karri Goggles, Karri Mask and Karri Soul Shield 3/5/8 set.
  • Cat Costumes: I Can Haz Headgear and I Can Haz Tail drops off the mobs around the King Karri.
  • Comments: To spawn King Karri, you need to kill the turtles in the area.

Profane Jiangshi


  • Location: Orchard of Souls in Moonwater Plains.
  • Level 42, essence drop off Profane Jiangshi world boss nearby.
  • Drops: Profane weapons required for upgrading True Infernal Weapon Stage 10 to Awakened Profane, Profane Shroud, Profane Jiangshi Secret/Pride, Profane Soul Shield 3/5/8 set.
  • Cat Costumes: Fraidy Cat Costume, Headgear, and Adornments drop off the mobs around the area.
  • Comments: To activate Profane Jiangshi, kill the guards around him and use the item they drop on the chains nearby.

E. Fleet Supply Chain


  • Location: E.Fleet Supply Chain in Hogshead Pasture, it is right inside the entrance.
  • Level 45, you will need Storm Essence that drop off bosses inside the 24man field instance to play.
  • Drops: This wheel very rarely drops Blackram Officer Uniform . Blackram Officer Uniform also drops off Poharan inside E.Fleet Supply Chain. The stuff you can get from this wheel most of the time. are dumplings, beverages, and blue Soul shields. Gangplank Style hair (and possibly the red version), Blackram General Uniform, Pirate Princess comes off Blackram Supply Chain (PoH) 4 man (very rare in 6 man). .

Valor Stone Exchange

Keep in mind that the exchange is not 1:1. You play the wheel and get the vouchers to redeem at the vendor nearby.

Yehara’s Mirage


  • Exchange Viridian Valor Stones for Cinderlands Valor stone

Hogshead Hamlet


  • Exchange Cinderlands Valor stones for Moonwater Valor Stones
  • Shana

    What about Yehara’s Mirage Wheel of Fate? The one you use Viridian valor stones in? What does this one drop?

    • naoyi

      The valor stone wheels just either give “Try Again!” notes (or something similar; I don’t fully remember the name of the item), or a box with the next valor stone (Cinderlands for Yehara’s Mirage). Five notes can be used to buy another stone to use on the wheel (from the stone trader).

      • Brandon Gates

        Are those the only two possibilities? Or is there a rare chance at something else?

        • naoyi

          That’s all it gives as far as I know.

          • Aaronax

            gave me a tournament invitation once, but then around that level just about everything will give you that if you don’t already have it.

    • It is used to gamble for cinderlands valor stone. The wheel is also mentioned at the bottom under Valor stone exchange 🙂

  • Lorf

    Might need to change the wording for the E.fleet wheel, I was trying for the food and (to my surprise) got a Blackram Officer Uniform costume box from it.

    • Interesting, I will make a change in abit. thanks

  • Aaronax

    also forgot to add kaari gauntlet to the kaari wheel list! 😮


    Do you guys have information about nightshade harbor wheel of fortune by any chance?

    • Pleun Vos

      it drops Enigmatic Outfit Chest which has given me the Dark Pirate King costume 🙁 only for male

      • A Rare Doge

        I thought you can only get Dark Pirate King’s outfit from Poharan.

        • Pleun Vos

          Luckly not, higher chance to get it, altough the wheel obviously hates me 😀 good luck!

  • The wheel of fate outside of nightshade, the one you can buy tickets for, does it drop anything significant? outfit wise? lol

    • Greyhame

      It drops chest that contain 2-3 Naryu Silver
      I usually buy 10 tickets for 20 Naryu coin to get 2 Naryu silver sometime if I’m lucky get 4 Naryu Silver 🙂

  • Hura

    Yehara’s Mirage wheel has given me so far, #8=Try again, #7=Cinderlands Valor Stone and #6=Training Invitation. Idk the rewards for the other numbers, anyone?

  • Michael Angelo

    hello anyone know where can i get the noble of the sea costume?

  • Harada

    Lycan the Mighty also drops “The Lycan’s Tailfeather”, that can only be equipped with Wolfskin.

  • Deadhead

    This needs updating now with the Frontier’s Edge wheel of fate

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