Cenka – Jinsoyun

  • Character: Cenka of Jinsoyun
  • Submitted by: Cyberkiyo

I wanted to post Cenka here for a while, but I didn't dare to. She is not very special looking compared to some characters here. However she is very special to me. Cenka is my main and is with me since the launch for EU/NA sever.
You can find me on BNS tree if you want to know more about her (aka you can laugh with my gear. Top comedy): https://bnstree.com/character/eu/cenka

I checked the preset box, because it is totally allowed to ask me for it. I just want to know who is using it haha. So please mail me in-game or contact me on twitter (cyberkiyo) and I will send you the preset!

Thanks a lot <3

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