Cerecis – Poharan

  • Character: Cerecis of Poharan
  • Submitted by: Kip


Character Preset:


Item Name Source
Costume Beast Hunter Songshu Isle – Lair of the Yutay (Boss Drop)
Head Stalker Jiangshi Hat Stalker Jiangshi Wheel of Fate @ Everdusk
Weapon Dreadtide Lynblade Sapphire Basin – Dreadtide Arena (Drop from Naksun)


A cute (imo) set that lets you show off the face of your Lyn. Hat is optional, but I like the hairstyle that comes along with it.
I plan to replace the Stalker Jiangshi Hat with the Pale variant because I think the colours match up more.

Few clipping issues with the outfit and one of Lyn’s idle animation as well.
Combat is the hardest thing for me to take a picture of because my Lyn likes to make funny faces.

Photo location is Taigong’s Hideaway in Sapphire Basin.