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Most Liked Presets

TitleLike Count
Rhiss - Spirit's Rest269
Rin Winterchill - Taywong128
Ima Ria - Poharan46
Time Man - Windrest45
Valsche - Spirit's Rest27
INoona - Mushin25
Annie - Windrest14
Rose - Yura13
Snow VI - Windrest13
Eyu - Frostgipfel10


  • Mariam

    How do i add a character here?

    • Exiled Messenger

      Use the submission form in the main menu to submit a character. Include a preset and click the Character Preset button.

      • Mafurako

        Thanks sooo much for the help i understand now, one last question, if i do want too share my char preset is it okay if i just choose a random face? I always work hard on faces so i dont want another char too have the same. Body i dont mind sharing!

        • Exiled Messenger

          I think it would make people pretty angry if you showcased one character and then included a preset that looked completely different.

          • Mafurako

            Hmmm alright, I better not share my character then

          • Exiled Messenger

            The point of the character galleries is to share your character. It’s completely optional to also share your character preset. Many people choose to post their character, but not their preset. If you’d like, you can also put a note in the comments, that you would prefer not to share the preset to keep people from asking for it.

          • Mafurako

            Thanks for helping me understand, i will do that

  • Raidou

    b-but mine has more “thumbs up”s than these D:

    • Exiled Messenger

      For some reason it only starting adding those up after I added it to the page and it’s not seeing posts from before. I’m still investigating why it’s not working correctly.

  • Nguyễn Hoà

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