Chopae – Taywong

  • Character: Chopae of Taywong
  • Submitted by: Rain Deadmist/ Raidou Dragonfist

Bio: Chopae is a shadowless scout that was sent on a mission near anglers watch where he was captured and sold by the yutay, to the dreadtide arena owner and operator Ka-Sing. He must now win his freedom by working for various brave heroes and champions that enter the dreadtide arena.

About: This one was a personal build. As many dreadtide arena runs as i have done in my gametime in persuit for the infinite challenge outfit, i have always liked the appearence of Chopae the assassin Jin. For this build i focused on facial and body details and an almost flawless recreation. for the face he has a small and white complexioned face and slightly greened lips as it is in-game (probably due to spitting poison). His body and frame are small and skinnier as it appeares in dreadtide.

Please enjoy this build and others that i have created and please thumbs up and recommend when you can!! thanks!!


Character Preset:


CostumeObsidian SerpentYehara’s mirage-Shadowstrike

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