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  1. We are LLegion
    31 March 2016 @ 1024

    i never got this reward. and i completed the arena twice.. is it not rewarded anymnore?


    • Xynox
      19 April 2016 @ 0619

      lol u completed it twice XD people had finished dreadtide arena like 60 times to get rare items 😀


      • Koriti
        9 May 2016 @ 2046

        I walked like 50 times… does the sword drop in the latest patch?._.
        I want it sooo bad Dx


        • Michael McCann
          14 May 2016 @ 1802

          From what Ive read, the loot tables got messed up after the 50 patch and the dynamic quest for Dreadtide doesnt appear anymore. So its not available until they fix it…


  2. Linthouse
    1 June 2016 @ 0925

    What outfit is this chara wear?


  3. el dthangel
    1 June 2016 @ 2357

    regium corvus linthouse


  4. Rock Wang
    22 June 2016 @ 2148

    does it drop after the new patch on 6-22-2016?


  5. I am going to snap
    29 October 2017 @ 0759

    for someone who wants it.
    it doesnt drop anymore.


  6. SuperCell
    30 October 2017 @ 0311

    doesn’t drop anymore guys


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