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Hongmoon Weapon Progression

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0Chapter 5. Disciple of the Hongmoon SchoolTraining
1Stalker Jiangshi at Foshi PyresStalker
1Chapter 11: Gone FishingBamboo Guard
1Chapter 21: Child's SlaySablesteel
1Blackram NarrowsBlight
2Chapter 7: The Dark GlimpseCorrupted
2Chapter 18: The Book ThievesFrostbite
2Chapter 34: The Enemy of My EnemyValiant
2Tomb of the ExilesInfernal
3Chapter 7: Bark At The MoonLycan
3Chapter 17: Strange AeonsSkyhaven
3Chapter 23: The Sky's BurdenDokumo
3Blackram Supply ChainSiren
3Bloodshade HarborPirate
4Chapter 1: The Road to DarknessIvorymoon

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