Junko Muramasa – Taywong

  • Character: Junko Muramasa of Taywong
  • Submitted by: Rain Deadmist/ Raidou Dragonfist


Character Preset:



CostumeSummer Bikini, Black Doll, Swordsman, Crimson Elite, Yura-NudeToo Many to List


Bio: Junko, a Beautiful blade mistress and master of the sword, loves to drink and joke when not training her female-only students at her dojo. She has a lovable motherly aura about her as if some unknown part of her yearns to settle down. Her smooth hands mimic the moves of her late husband ajust as he did as she spied on him late at night while he trained.

About: When creating this toon i was actually requested to make a more realistic Jin By a player in game. I have to admit this took longer than expected as Jin Female’s Shapes and hairstyles are all very “anime” inspired. In this Build (as always) i made her a Middle Aged woman with realistic proportions and height. I still kept her femanine curves and a slight emphasis on daring style and fashion into her makeup and slight tan.

Please feel free to download or share and credit when you can 🙂

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