Kittsumi Nekomone – Taywong

  • Character: Kittsumi Nekomone of Taywong
  • Submitted by: Rain Deadmist/ Raidou Dragonfist


Character Preset:


CostumeSummer Bikini, Black Night, Destroyer’s Regalia, Poharan Uniform


Bio: Kittsumi Nekomone is a wise scholar and teacher at her home village in Lycandi foothills of moonwater plains. At a young age her parents taught her the art of nature and bonding with spirit “Fimiliars”. As she matured, she nurtured this summoner training and now uses it to teach others to respect the land and the animals around them; therefore teaching them the true value of life.

About: This was requested by a guild member who wanted a “grown” Lyn with height to show for it. Ive made her eyes and pupils smaller to emphasis a older more matured look to her Lyn companions. She has a bit of bold defined makeup and freckles. her hands arms and legs are all proportional to scale

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