Lunaria – Zulia

  • Character: Lunaria of Zulia
  • Submitted by: Lunaria

2 images will have my FM with one of the short hairstyles that you can choose from character select screen, and 1 image will be of my FM with purple eyes instead of the bright yellow eyes which is the color im currently using since i have a full body image which shows feet included

Note: My Gon is about the height of an avg Jin female but a bit shorter, about 6-7inches shorter, if u look at the avg Female jin size in character creation (compare body type) tab

Character Preset:

(If there isn’t a link, the submitter chose not to submit their preset.)


Item Name Source
Costume Devotion, Seductress, Summer Saga, Fated Bond, Nomad Seductress(Bloodshade Harbor), Hongmoonstore (cashshop) In Game Event
Head Feline Frisky, SecretKeeper Headpiece, Latest Trend Hair In Game Event, Hongmoonstore (cashshop)
Face Summer Saga Hairpiece Hongmoonstore (cashshop)
Weapon Breeze Bangle, Stalker Bangle Zaiwei Ruins, All Skypetal Plains, Skypetal Plains Beastbog Treasure Room, Everdusk Stalker Jiangshi Wheel of Fate