Priyanka Chopra – Taywong

  • Character: Priyanka Chopra of Taywong
  • Submitted by: Rain Deadmist/ Raidou Dragonfist


Character Preset:


CostumeToo Many to list


Bio: Priyanka is from a long line of secret forcemasters who protects the holy lands of the cinderlands desert with powerful magics,spells, and curses. She was cast out of her clan for her strong beliefs that the world is not full of bad or greedy people. Eager to prove herself of the kindness of outside humanity, Priyanka set out to civilizations- to prove her destiny.

About: I was requested by a close friend to craft Priyanka Chopra, the star of Quantico, and other TV shows/Films. In this build i focused intensely on face, lips and profound Jaw lines shapes. There was no real match to skin tone nor hair tone so feel free to use this as a Base model

As always please Thumbs up if you like, Message me in-game for requests, and reccomend this to your friends!

Thank you! Rain Deadmist/ Raidou Dragonfist-Taywong-NA

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