Rin Winterchill – Taywong

  • Character: Rin Winterchill of Taywong
  • Submitted by: Rain Deadmist/ Raidou Dragonfist

Bio: Rin Winterchill is a Sexy daring middle aged forcemaster from the Winter Clan that praises the mythic Ice Dragon as their god. Rin Was Second Seat of the winter clan second to his brother, The Current clan leader. Attempting to take the seat for himself he challenged his brother to one on one combat- and lost tragically. Being his younger brother, Rin was expelled from the Winter Clans icy secured walls to the barren wastelands of the Silverfrost mountains… his path unwritten.

About: OKAY you all should know my style by now. Unique, sexy, Daring, and Unique. for this Build i made a Gon because most gon male are giants that look super unattractive… Anywho, THis gon’s frame and build are a bit skinnier (yet fit!) and his height is a bit shorter than the average gon but taller than the average Jin. It was made this way because a forcemaster is not a physical fighter and almost gives him an Bookworm-ish combatant body. His Face was Chiseled from about 2-3hours of trail and error going into world and out of world to test it out.

I dohope u all enjoy another build by Rain Deadmist/Raidou Dragonfist-Taywong-NA

Thumbs up, comment and recomend if you like! Please give credit when you can 🙂


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