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  1. Raidou
    13 March 2016 @ 0121

    please leave comments below!! im looking forward to you alls comments 🙂


    • Jacob Jawnstar
      13 March 2016 @ 0133

      C’mon dude, do you ever stop? xD

      Those bio are lame af! And you forgot to add some wrinkles, since he’s supposed to be middle-aged 😡


      • Raidou
        13 March 2016 @ 0303

        thanks for being a fan of my work and mildly stalky! please share with your friends and recomend! thanks-Rain


        • Jacob Jawnstar
          23 March 2016 @ 1113

          How comes you don’t accept any critics? I was suggesting an improvement, about this preset, seriously, but you keep deleting my posts xD

          Sorry if I offended you, but i didn’t mean to. It’s just your bio are so funny. Plus, it’s no use to answer me THEN delete my post. Or just tell me what you didn’t like in my post, so I don’t say it again.

          As far as I remember, I don’t have to leave a comment on every preset I’ve checked till now. And i never hid the fact I do check yours, but it’s for the bios, it’s the most interesting thing. (And it doesn’t seem to take much before being classified as a stalker by you :x)

          PS: You should stop liking your own posts, that’s an advice x)


          • Exiled Messenger
            23 March 2016 @ 1440

            Raidou is not a moderator and has absolutely no control over deleting comments. Your comment was deleted for breaking the terms and conditions of this website If you have any questions about acceptable comments, please see the terms and conditions.

  2. Rico San
    13 March 2016 @ 0536

    it Looks good and the idea is good too. for my taste i dont like the hair but this are Details… and the head is a liiiiiittle small for the rest of the Body. rest Looks perfect


  3. Malynoots
    13 March 2016 @ 1730

    Thank you! I based my new force master off your preset but changed things around a bit


    • Raidou
      14 March 2016 @ 1221

      thank you for using! looks great too! please thumbs up and recommend when you can :)- Raidou


      • Jacob Jawnstar
        25 March 2016 @ 0902

        Dude, you didn’t my 1st question, but it’s true my word choice might have been “hurtful” as said in ToU, so I’m sorry. I’ll be careful next time.

        Take care 😉


        • Raidou
          28 March 2016 @ 0529

          Hello Jacob sorry i dont personally reply much. i honestly Just(for the most part) copy and paste a generic thank you message over and over. I reply to your comments but i cant delete them at all. i do appreciate your criticism but i will no longer create anymore characters for blade and soul as i have moved to the Black Desert fashion website! Thank you for being a follower and i hope you enjoy these decent presets.


  4. Airy The Fairy
    16 August 2016 @ 0859

    A+ design, a well proportioned design
    Not to mention good looking too, which is considerably hard for Gon Males. Ty


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