Shín Gong – Greenhollow

  • Character: Shín Gong of Greenhollow
  • Submitted by: The Syreth Clan

Not willing to work under Kosan’s management, Shin Gong decided to leave her position as a Stratus Historican and become an independent one instead. Now she roams the lands, looking for legendary Naryu relics, observing the nature of the local wildlife, and examining the environtment.

My remake of my all-time favorite NPC in the game ~♥. This isn’t 100% accurate, but very close, with the only visible difference being the eyebrow angle, which is slightly less angled. I chalked it up as being part of Shin’s (the NPC’s) expression.


Character Preset:


CostumeTwist of FateAct I: Ch. 17
FaceFoxyHongmoon Store
WeaponCopper BangleMobs at Gloomdross Forest