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  1. Yuuki Azuna
    19 January 2016 @ 1407

    seems to take over an hour to farm this


    • Gungin
      22 January 2016 @ 2327

      took me 5 mins first try on the spin


  2. Yuuki Azuna
    19 January 2016 @ 1446

    Okay so you just need to get the blue weapon of your class out of the weapon chest.


    • Dulfy
      19 January 2016 @ 2043

      Yup, same with most wheel of fate you encounter after


  3. Richie Howell
    24 January 2016 @ 0924

    literally have 3 of every other weapon for every other class. I feel like this is a scam to get me to buy more keys at this point


    • Confever
      25 January 2016 @ 0558

      yup. already got lots of weapons for other class too… the p2w part of the game starting to show up


    • Carson Douglas
      26 January 2016 @ 2058

      I ran into the same problem, but farming the Stalker Jiangshi can get you enough money to buy the weapon on the market quickly


      • Perrie Bennett
        2 February 2016 @ 1943

        Where do you buy it?


        • Dulfy
          2 February 2016 @ 2027

          F5 marketplace


  4. AJ Lee
    24 January 2016 @ 1612

    WTF do I have to do to get this, this is so confusing. Take me back to TERA.


    • Carson Douglas
      24 January 2016 @ 1942

      You have to fight the Stalker Jangshi (I probably spelled that wrong, the bossfight next to the Foshi Pyres) and then he will drop Jangshi essence. Then use that on the Wheel of Fate and sometimes you’ll get a Stalker weapon chest. Use a key on this and then there is a chance you will get Stalker Bangle. It… sounds more complicated than it is heheh. Hope this helped


      • AJ Lee
        25 January 2016 @ 1901

        Thanks for the info I understand it more now!


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