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BNS Fashion

Submit Visual Database Item

NOTE: Do not use this form for showing off your character or uploading your character preset.

Please double-check that the item you are submitting isn’t already on the site. We very much appreciate an in-game or preview image if the post doesn’t have one, but if you are submitting images that don’t add anything substantial to the post, we won’t add them. 

This is the submission page where you can submit images of costumes, decorations, pets, or weapons. We’re looking for images of both male and female characters.

To ensure the quality and uniformity of the site, we do have a few requirements for user submissions. Remember these images should be focused on taking the best shots of the armor, rather than making your character look good. Here are some tips for taking screenshots.

  • Turn on max settings if possible.
  • Ensure that there are good lighting conditions for the screenshot. A dark photo can obscure details.
  • For costumes, we like to show the full front, back, and side of the character wearing the costume. Good lighting in-game pics are preferred, but preview pics are acceptable too.
  • For weapons, we’d really appreciate both a preview pic and in-game pics. The preview pic is very important in helping me determine which weapons look similar. I find it very difficult to figure this with in-game pics because of the noisy backgrounds and different angles.
  • If you are doing in-game screenshots, please hide your UI (CRTL+X)

Please do not submit images taken from another site (including other language sites) without permission from the site owner. 

This form does not submit to the site directly. If you don’t see your submission on the site within 24 hours, please post a comment on this form. The form has very aggressive spam filtering (I have no control over this) and your submission may be hiding in the site spam folder.


  1. Alice Kazumitsu
    14 February 2016 @ 1745

    I wanted to point out that Daggers and Rasors shares the same skins. I’m playing a warlock on the TW so I can provide screenshots if needed


  2. Luna
    11 July 2016 @ 1319

    Sunflower weapons are still not added, although uploaded yesterday.


    • Exiled Messenger
      11 July 2016 @ 1321

      I received your upload 23 minutes ago.


      • Luna
        11 July 2016 @ 1324

        There was another one yesterday


        • Exiled Messenger
          11 July 2016 @ 1328

          I didn’t get it. This is all I have outstanding for BNS Fashion right now.


          • Luna
            11 July 2016 @ 1336

            Ok,will send again then ^^

  3. Ivoni
    5 September 2016 @ 1447

    I have sended weapon axe skin.


    • Exiled Messenger
      6 September 2016 @ 0913

      Thanks, I received it.


  4. Javi C.
    16 September 2016 @ 1817

    Just sent a bunch of lynblades I had collected ;D


  5. Ivoni
    9 October 2016 @ 0943

    How do I type u message? I have two screenshots to send.


    • ivoni
      9 October 2016 @ 0944

      oh i cant delete this stupid mssg xD damn


  6. Yasu
    23 March 2017 @ 1954

    I have submitted the Samurai Lynblade about a week ago, have you received it properly?


    • Exiled Messenger
      24 March 2017 @ 0815

      I checked back through the spam folder and it’s there. I’ll get it on the site today.


  7. Cya
    27 March 2017 @ 1258

    I’ve seen a lot of pictures in a really bad quality, it’s ok if I send picture of already submitted weapons but in a better quality?


    • Exiled Messenger
      27 March 2017 @ 1310

      Sure, but it would be helpful if you included the link to the post so I know what you are replacing.


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