Tavi – Poharan

  • Character: Tavi of Poharan
  • Submitted by: Chase


Character Preset:



CostumeBlue Porcelain, Quick Draw, Profane Shroud, Pure WhiteBP + Pure White = Hongmoon Store; QD – Limited Edition; PS – Orchard of Souls, Profane Jiangshi Wheel of Fate
AdornmentOrchard of Souls, Profane Jiangshi Wheel of Fate
HeadCustom Gangplank StyleHongmoon Store or possibly Blackram Narrows
FaceProfane Jiangshi’s SecretOrchard of Souls, Profane Jiangshi Wheel of Fate
WeaponCerulean OrderMisty Woods, Bottom Left camp (I forgot the NPC)


I like to change my lyn’s look a lot! I mostly try to match my cat either way I can except on seasonal outfits. I just put my cat in whatever I can while I wear the cute Valentine’s dress shirt or something!