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  1. SilentReborn
    11 February 2016 @ 2025

    The token also drops from killing them in the 24 man and the token has a percent chance to come from that chest


  2. Watters112
    18 February 2016 @ 2301

    Can anyone confirm this drops in the 6 man? Been through there 30-40 times and have never seen it.


    • Vicc Xinfection
      21 February 2016 @ 1539

      6man was on kr it seems, 4 man on NA


    • Lorenz Luking
      15 May 2016 @ 0338

      I have seen the exhange outfit ticket drop in 6man dungeon! just 2 weeks ago! it was my first run but apparently 1 of my guildmate wants it too and she has more gold than I have so she won by 7g hahaha


      • DerpyFace
        29 May 2016 @ 0938

        that’s because 4-man doesn’t exist anymore… the rewards from 6-man and 4-man from bloodshade have been fused together…


  3. Ayame
    23 February 2016 @ 0910

    It’s 4 man only, as description say in poh and bloodshade, costumes and
    skins only droppable in 4 man, plus they wear that costumes only into
    close numbers instance, as you can see when you do it, 24 man drops only
    enchanting voucher, doesn’t matter if you get brilliant or normal box.


    • Cali
      11 March 2016 @ 0130

      Well, that’s not accurate. I just got the drop tonight doing the regular ‘ol daily missions. Sadly, I’m a Lyn Blade Dancer and apparently, my toon isn’t allowed to be a seductress. I’ve checked with the NPC in Hogshead- nothing. I can’t seem to find the NPC in nightshade harbor though.


      • Ayame
        11 March 2016 @ 0611

        that’s what i keep explaining to ppl when they mad roll on them, it’s for females only jin/gon/yun, and in any case you can check at npc’s that trade the item, one outside nightshade harbor 24 man, and the otherone outside bloodshade harbor instance.


  4. Xiaolongbao
    29 February 2016 @ 1058

    That fugly shoulder IMO.


    • Gaimz Gaimer
      29 February 2016 @ 1809

      + 1


  5. Elo
    14 June 2016 @ 0732

    Does it still drop? Now in the 6 man dungeon? ._.


    • dancmou
      2 July 2016 @ 1248

      Yes, I’ve seen it drop twice now.


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