Time Man – Windrest

  • Character: Time Man of Windrest
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Bio: Time Man is an old but incredibly powerful man from an ancient civilization. One day in his tribe, an evil entity know only as the "Time Gate" showed himself and opened a time vortex that pulled Time Man in and transported him to the far future. In the process Time man cleverly fused with the Time gate and absorbed his controll over time and space. Now Time Man is stuck in the future and has to clean up the mess that was left after he first arrived in this time.

About: Wowee now this character was a took alot of work! This is my first work here on this site, but i think it is my best. Blade Masters are often thought of as quick and agile warriors, and this characters build shows the extreme of the Blade Master look.

Time Man comes of as Slick, adventurous, and even a little sexy. His face really took a long time for me too figure out, a warrior out of his time should look battle-worn and curious. I spent about one whole day going in and out of the character creator, taking notes and taking long trips in the forest to reflect on just what secrets he could be hiding and how to show it in his face. Getting frustrated i decided to try making the face one more time, and there it was; Time Man.

Hope you guys enjoy my character, really look forward to the feedback. Maybe even someday ill try to create something greater than this; my magnum opus. Yeah, i like that idea.

Character Preset:



CostumeMystic MonkMushin Tower 20F
HeadLion's Mane hairMushin Tower 20F
FaceSnowfield Sunglasses
WeaponXanos SwordNaryu Sanctum – Xanos