Violentwind – Iksanum

  • Character: Violentwind of Iksanum
  • Submitted by: Violentwind


Character Preset:


CostumeOld Stratus Empire ArmorDrop from the last boss of heroic 6 man Blackram Narrows dungeon in Songshu Isle of Viridian Coast
HeadStinger ClothScorchy Sands – Pinchy – Wheel of Fate
FaceRed MaskDrops off the last boss (Dusk Adder Overseer Furin) of Goldleaf Foundr
WeaponProfane GauntletProfane Jiangshi Wheel of Fate @ Moonwater Plains, Orchard of Souls


Meet my character “Violentwind”

She appears as fair and gentle, with bright sky-blue eyes, shining-blonde hair and skin pale as the starlight shining upon us at night. She has a small scar over her left eye. This was a reminder left by the monsters that took her parents away. Every night she prays to the gods of the moon and the deepest darkest god of the underworld for peace and vengeance.

– Violentwind

©Violentwind – Iksanun (America)

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