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Weapons – Razor

Razors are used by Warlocks. They are identical to Daggers.

  • Hentai

  • Jon Boone

    these should have sheaths as well

    • Exiled Messenger
      • Jon Boone

        ah thanks, for some reason they didnt show up until i clikced that link.

        • Exiled Messenger

          That’s a different page. This page shows razors by how they are obtained. The link shows them by similarity.

  • Slothful

    Here is Cinderlands Razor.

    • True Siren Weapon; love it.

  • Wifi

    Here is the Karri Razor from the wheel

  • Sarastina – Soha

    Here’s the Crimson Raw Iron Razor.

    • Anne-Drew

      Can you do a screenshot of it on your character? I wanna see the holster and while in combat o: Thanks 😀

  • Aisu Kat

    here is the dreadtide razor

  • Aisu Kat

    also found someone with forgekeeper infernal razor, it’s similar to dreadtide =P

  • xWolFik

    Here is screenshot from Blackwyrm weapon

  • Alessandro Pereira

    Here’s the screenshot for Misty Woods Cold Iron Razor

    • Huuxera Altwaltz

      I never saw this anywhere, could you please tell me where to get it?

      • Celestus Rest

        At your faction merchant in Misty Woods!

        • Huuxera Altwaltz

          Thank you very much *_*

  • Alessandro Pereira

    And for Warrior Razor

  • Alessandro Pereira

    And for Dark Pirate Razor

  • Billy Razzor

    Stormbringer Razor

  • Gontar


  • Cory

    You guys need to submit these properly so they actually get added to the page instead of just putting picture in the comments section.

    • Billy Razzor


  • Billy Razzor

    Silverfrost Razor

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