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Weapons – Sword

Swords are primarily used by Blade Masters, but some can also be used by Blade Dancers. They are identical to Lynblades.


  1. krapmyself
    3 February 2016 @ 1411

    This doesn’t list the faction swords you can get. (Cinderlands)


    • StrifeSan
      5 February 2016 @ 1001

      did u check under vendor, cause they r there


      • krapmyself
        5 February 2016 @ 1322

        Ah, yes, the Cerulean Order Raw Iron Sword. I see that now. But looks like it’s the wrong model. That’s not what it looks like In NA version.


  2. Tricent
    5 February 2016 @ 1308

    And the Bronze offering sword?


  3. Charles Li
    6 February 2016 @ 0258

    wat about dreadtide weapon? and are all of these weapon able to fuse for skin?


  4. George
    15 March 2016 @ 0414

    Just got the Fury Illusion Sword off Mushin floor 8, not bad… $10+ cash shop item for free basically. =)


  5. Firmament: Valediction Of Azur
    4 April 2016 @ 1523

    Missing the Blaze/Soulstone sword


    • Firmament: Valediction Of Azur
      4 April 2016 @ 1530

      The last one was too big.


  6. BlueHP
    5 April 2016 @ 1324

    Here’s the scorpio sword from Lair of the Frozen Fang


  7. zephyr
    12 May 2016 @ 2058

    wondering if this black and silver Lycan sword is actually ingame or just a tease


    • Project
      14 May 2016 @ 1819

      That’s the Oathbreaker weapon, man.


  8. BlueHP
    16 June 2016 @ 0126

    Be Ido Phantom Sword. Best weapon skin available at the moment. Dropped from Sundering Nexus 4-man or can be purchased off market for about 200g. I got lucky and got it as a drop myself


  9. The Doctor
    5 July 2016 @ 1539

    Master Scorpio Illusion Sword.

    Looks decent. Crafted


  10. prometheus126
    21 January 2017 @ 1725

    I really wish we would get Twilight’s Edge.


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