Yakana Odauchu – Poharan

  • Character: Yakana Odauchu of Poharan
  • Submitted by: Regret

My third, well, second character that I created. Third to submit. Odauchu and Odaichi are meant to be twins that took different paths in life, hence they look similar. I just feel the urge to upload a bunch of character presets now as character creation is the most fun thing to me until the next story line expansion. If you want to see my past two characters, and possibly many more, just search Regret (there is one that I didn’t create after searching. Make sure it says “Submitted by: Regret”). *Cough cough* can’t forget my favorite pair of glasses. Anyways, if you like the characters I make, please show the love <3

Character Preset:



Item Name Source
Costume Temptation Event Item
Head Wreath Chapter 5. The Beginning of an Ill Fate
Face Hongmoon Lantern Earrings Chapter 11. The New Hongmoon School
Weapon True Ivorymoon – Stage 5 Upgrade

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